Mathew J. Joseph Martinez

Professional And Experienced in criminal justice

Mathew Martinez is a former prosecutor for over 12 years. He has litigated over 50 jury trials during his career and has won convictions for 1st-degree murder, drive-by shootings, armed robbery, attempted murder, and assault with a firearm. Many of his trials have been gang-related. He has conducted over 100 preliminary hearings in addition to many hearings regarding suppression issues, speedy trial rights, and juvenile court trials. Since becoming a defense attorney Mathew has won a number of trials involving assault with a deadly weapon, rape, domestic violence, and possession of child pornography.

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  • I got to go home with my wife and children

    No criminal history, felony rape charge facing 6 years in CDC. Not guilty verdict after a jury trial. Mr. Martinez defended me in a jury trial. He picked the witness's statement apart. He went after their inconsistencies and showed the jury that I was not guilty of a terrible crime. I was facing ...
  • Mr. Martinez fought hard for me

    "Prior strike, charged with felony domestic violence facing 8 years in CDC (prison), result: case dismissed. Mr. Martinez fought my case and got the DA to dismiss it after the preliminary hearing. They didn't even file the information. I have a prior strike from years ago. I was looking at 8 year...
  • Client

    I highly recommend attorney Mathew Martinez. He did everything he could to successfully represent me in court, and consequently, I was able to walk charge free due to Mr. Martinez's persistence. He is incredibly professional and dedicated, and as such, I highly recommend attorney Mathew Martinez.